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Benefits Of Being Present For Your Pet's Euthanasia

Coming to the decision that it's best for your pet to be euthanized is challenging for many pet owners. Once you make this decision and begin to discuss it with your veterinarian, there will be other decisions to make. One thing to think about is whether or not you wish to be present. A lot of pet owners immediately feel a desire to be in the room for the entirety of the appointment, while others feel that being there could be a challenge. While it's important to think carefully about this decision, you may wish to lean toward being present. Here are some benefits.

More Closure

It's common to experience a higher degree of closure when you're present for your pet's euthanasia. If you were to be out of the room, you might have a hard time accepting that your pet has passed away — even if a part of you knows that this is the case. When you're in the animal clinic's room for the entire appointment, you'll witness every step of the process. Even though this is difficult, it should give you closure. Getting proper closure can be helpful in allowing the healing process to begin.

Animal's Comfort

Your presence during your pet's euthanasia can unquestionably provide more comfort for the animal. While you can count on the animal clinic's staff being gentle and warm with your pet, the reality is that most pets receive the highest degree of comfort when they're around their loved ones. Some pet owners may feel that they want to give this comfort to their pet during its final minutes, even if doing so can be emotionally taxing. You may find comfort for yourself when you think about this important role that you're playing.

Ability To Explain To Children

A lot of parents elect not to have their young children present during their pet's euthanasia. While some kids might be mature enough to be in the room, others could be too upset to witness the process. When you're present, you'll be able to explain the relevant details of the procedure to your kids when they're old enough and you feel they're ready to hear. Without being there, you won't have the ability to answer their questions — which may upset them. Don't hesitate to talk to your local animal clinic's staff or your veterinarian to learn more about being present for your pet's euthanasia.