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Do You Have A Pet Emergency?

Whether your local animal hospital features emergency services or you know of an emergency pet care facility in your area, it's important to know when you have a pet emergency or you can have your pet wait until the nearest appointment to be seen by an animal doctor. When in doubt of your pet's situation, seek emergency pet care immediately or call your local animal hospital for assistance. Here are signs you have a pet emergency.

Your pet has been poisoned

Curious pets can get into potential toxins, from house plants to fluids leaking from vehicles. If your pet has been poisoned or you suspect your pet has been around a poisoning agent, seek emergency pet care. Signs of pet poisoning include drooling, lethargy, confusion, severe vomiting, loss of interest in food or water, disorientation when walking, and other issues.

If you can identify the poison your pet has had access to, all the better. The sooner you get your pet in for emergency pet care, the better. Your pet can have a better chance of a full recovery if you take them in for treatment as soon as you notice a problem.

Your pet has been injured by a vehicle

One of the worst things that can happen for a pet is to be hit by a car, bicycle, or another large object with a heavy impact. Even a pet that walks away just shaken from a car accident can have bone injuries or even internal bleeding, so take your pet into the emergency pet care facility if they have been struck. To keep your pet calm in transit to the animal hospital, wrap them in a comfortable towel or shirt so they cannot move around. Make sure they can still breathe.

Your pet has been in a fight

Even a minor fight or attack by another animal can be fatal. If your pet has been in an animal altercation, get them to an animal hospital for emergency pet care as soon as it's safe to intervene. An attack or fight with another animal can result in punctures, infection, bruising, broken bones, and more, so have a veterinarian check your pet all over for signs of injury.

Your pet should be given regular checkups by their veterinarian in addition to having emergency pet care when needed. With the right care, your pet can be a healthy and happy member of your family for years to come. When you care for your pet, they are able to thrive in many ways.

For more information about emergency pet care, contact a local clinic like South Seattle Veterinary Hospital.