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Getting A New Husky Puppy? 3 Tips To Take Proper Care Of It

If you are getting a new husky puppy you need to be prepared for it. A husky is a wonderful dog breed as they generally get along well with animals and most people. Do not expect this dog to be a guard dog as when someone knocks on your door your husky will run and greet them happily. To help your dog stay joyful and happy, below are three tips.

Be Ready for Shedding

Husky dogs shed and they shed a lot. Twice per year, your dog will shed their undercoat, which is known as blowing their coat. The amount of hair that sheds is massive, and you need to be ready to brush it out. There are also vacuums that can be purchased that will make it much easier. If you do not help your husky get rid of the undercoat, they will be very uncomfortable and may end up having itchy skin.

You will likely need to vacuum your carpets every day as they will shed all year a little. This dog is still very much worth it. 

Understand Health Problems

There are common problems that can happen to huskies. Because they are large animals, hip dysplasia can happen as they get older. If your husky has this, you will notice they have problems with running and jumping. They will also walk much slower and may limp.

Hypothyroidism is also a common problem husky can have. With this, they will eat less but gain weight. Your husky may also lose fur and have bald spots. Your dog will also sleep much more than normal and act very tired. 

If your dog has any of these problems, take them to a veterinarian to get treated.

Know Signs of Emergencies

There are times when you should take your dog to an animal hospital. This is very important as this would save your dog's life.

Some symptoms you need to watch out for are having problems breathing, a bloated abdomen, inability to sleep, or coughing. If your dog is acting really restless then they are likely in pain. If you notice their heart is beating very fast, then this is a sign of heart problems. If your dog is throwing up a lot, then an emergency visit is warranted.

You should know where an animal hospital is located in your area just in case your husky has any of these problems. This will ensure that you can take your dog there very fast to help save their life.

You and your husky will have a long life together if you follow these tips. Also, speak with your dog's veterinarian to learn much more about how to keep your husky healthy.

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