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What You Should Know About ER Vet Clinics As A Cat Owner

If you're a cat owner, then you might already be familiar with your cat's regular vet. You might not be familiar with ER vet clinics, however, since you might have never had to take a pet to one. It's smart to know a little bit about these clinics, however, even if you aren't dealing with an emergency situation with your cat right now. These are some of the things you should know about ER vet clinics as a cat owner.

They Aren't Available in Every Town

Even though you might be able to find a veterinary clinic in most towns, you might not be able to find an ER vet clinic in just every city or town. You might need to travel to a nearby city or town to take your cat to one of these clinics. It's a good idea to start looking into where the nearest ER vet clinic is. Then, if you do find yourself in an emergency situation with your pet, you will already know where to take it.

They're Often Open 24/7

Your cat's normal vet might be open during regular business hours. However, as you might already know, veterinary emergencies don't just happen during regular business hours; sometimes they happen at night, on weekends, or even on holidays. Luckily, ER vet clinics are usually open 24/7, or at the very least, they typically have extended hours. This allows pet owners to help their pets get emergency care when they need it.

They're Sometimes Needed

For basic care, you will probably just want to take your cat to their regular vet. However, there are times when ER vet clinics are needed. If your pet is severely injured or seriously ill, then an ER vet clinic might be your best choice, since the professionals there are used to treating serious issues. Additionally, if your pet needs care outside of regular business hours and you don't want to wait until your regular veterinary clinic opens up, then your only option might be to take your pet to an ER vet clinic.

They Usually Treat Different Types of Animals

Typically, ER vet clinics treat a variety of different types of animals, including cats. If you're going to take your cat to one of these clinics, then you should be prepared for dogs and other animals to potentially be around. To help keep your cat safe, make sure that you put your cat in a cat carrier when taking it to the clinic.

To learn more, contact an emergency vet clinic in your area, such as Animal Emergency Clinic.